Hand Craftsmanship

Part of the beauty of Anderson hardwood is in the rustic hand-scraping, pebbling, wire-brushing, and other industry leading textures we offer. Many products are crafted by skilled artisans—and no two boards are the same. Anderson hardwoods are truly custom floors.

Unique to the Anderson story is the fact that most of the company’s hand craftsmanship is performed within the Anderson Prison Work Program. Located in state correctional institutions in South Carolina and Tennessee, the voluntary work program is centered on rehabilitating the lives of prisoners by teaching a trade and the value of hard work. Prisoners are paid a prevailing wage, which is divided among the state and victims, with the remainder going to the prisoners’ families. The highly successful program has proven to reduce the rate of recidivism. "Many beautiful Anderson products are hand-crafted by skilled artisans."

hand scraped floors