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AE057-28212 Hardwood Flooring

Dellamano II
Hardwood Flooring

color: Amaretto

brand: Anderson

item number AE057-28212
thickness 1/2"
width 6.8"
hardness rating (psi) 2018
edge profile Beveled
surface Type Heavy Scraped
floor type Engineered
material Maple
scientific name Acer spp
country of origin USA
radiant heat OKradiant heat image
Warranty 50
Not Available in Canada
Capture and enrich the soul of your home and help bring forth its natural, welcoming warmth with Dellamano II artisan-crafted hardwood floors. Each board in this generous collection is individually selected and crafted into rugged textures and gentle contours that work together to bring this floor to life.

You can select up to four color samples of our quality hardwood floors that will be shipped to directly to your door. Simply check the box under the sample you like and checkout whenever your ready.