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AA741-39102 Hardwood Flooring

Antique Walk
Hardwood Flooring

color: Garden Gate

brand: Anderson

item number AA741-39102
thickness 3/8"
width 6-3/8"
hardness rating (psi) 2059
edge profile Micro Bevel
surface Type Distressed
floor type enCore Plus™
material Hickory
scientific name Carya spp
country of origin USA
radiant heat OKradiant heat image
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Rustic and distressed, this enCore™ hickory floor looks as if it might have been in an ancient barn… or even a long-closed factory. But Antique Walk’s patina has such sophistication and elegance, it takes rustic to a new level. Antique Walk looks like the skip-sawn timber of a century ago—crafted for years of use and aging handsomely over time. It goes anywhere—traditional or contemporary—with incredible style.

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