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Hardwood floors add to look of a modern-day rustic home

August 06, 2014

Hardwood FloorsThe lack of conveniences in pioneer days may not be missed, but home design styles with a rustic twist are appealing to current-day homeowners, reported Add decorating touches like the traditional maple flooring in Anderson's Eagle Lodge Hardwood Floor collection and you have variegated, country-style floors that would have been right at home more than a century ago.

Homeowners who don't have exposed beams or a farmhouse-style dwelling can still capture elements of this classic decor. Some features speak to traditional home styles better than others, and they aren't difficult to obtain. Installing hardwood floors, for instance, not only lends rustic charm to any home, but it's one of the most sought-after features that today's home buyers want, according to Zillow. In addition to its warm tones, Eagle Lodge is made from engineered wood, which is several layers of wood compressed together for additional durability.

Continuing the wood theme, installing a distressed, antique door will lend a distinctive air to the main entry to your home. Authentic ones can be found at flea markets, antique shops and restoration specialty shops, but there are also many dealers who are reproducing these old styles in response to consumer demand. Choose door hardware with soft metallic finishes, outdoor period light fixtures and mailboxes in traditional styles to match. Your front door will be one of the most unique entrances in the neighborhood.

Rustic features
Homes that have a fireplace have a ready-made feature of rustic interiors. If the mantel and outer panels are contemporary, they can be easily changed to a more traditional look by attaching molding and trim. In homes without the infrastructure to install a fireplace, there are electric and gas models that are affordable and convey the same homey look of the real thing.

If you want an authentic rustic look in your kitchen, add a rod iron pot rack overhanging the kitchen island or attach a vertical rack to a wall. Add a few copper and cast iron pots and pans among the ones you use on a daily basis, and you've got a functional and stylish feature that's in step with country and farmhouse room design.

With natural woods adding a dark cast to a room, keeping the window treatments lightweight and breezy allows sunlight to come in, and sets up an interesting sensory mix of filmy fabric and solid wood. White mesh or lace with a border that matches the wall color is a good choice.