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From floors to ceiling, add room to a studio-sized condo

July 28, 2014

Solid Hardwood FloorsA studio-sized condominium may be a challenge to decorate, but its owner doesn't have to give in to the space limitations. As with any project, the best place to start is from the ground up - in this case, with hickory floors like those in Anderson's Vintage solid wood collection. With furnishings chosen for their versatility, a studio can be a stylish and fully functioning home.

From the start, there has to be a determination to keep clutter to a minimum and to think vertically. The surfaces must be kept clear so the space will feel more open. Choices in colors and wood tones will also influence the condo's atmosphere. Lighter finishes on hardwood floors, for instance, will add to the open feel of the space.

Those who've just bought their first condo after years of living in apartments where they weren't allowed to paint may despair at the thought of more white walls. But the truth is, white and its derivatives, including white-washed pastels, light beige and subtle gray, will bring an airiness to the studio that darker colors can't accomplish, according to Home Design Lover. Lighter colors are also effective in both contemporary and traditional home design schemes, and can be offset with virtually any accent shade.

Make space count
When it comes to furnishings, Fresh Home recommended introducing as many pieces as possible that have more than one purpose - a desk turned into a sideboard where a buffet can be set up, sleeper sofas and coffee tables that can be elevated for dining.

Storage, an integral part of any well-run household, is especially important in tight quarters. Use storage pieces that can double as a side table, nightstand or bench for extra seating. Keep them covered with a cloth and no one will be the wiser.

Creating a room design with a vertical orientation means taking advantage of all your space clear to the ceiling. With plenty of floor-to-ceiling, adjustable shelves, even the most dedicated reader will be able to have a book collection and room left over to stash linens, housewares and out-of-season clothing. Choose freestanding pieces with some doors on lower compartments or drawers for optimal use.

One of the joys of having your own place is to decorate it with keepsakes that you love and foster good memories. Hang as many as possible on the wall to keep clutter on surfaces to a minimum. Place some mirrors in strategic spots to capture light from windows or give the impression of spaciousness.