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Don't forget hallways in your home design

July 23, 2014

hardwood floorsHomeowners may think of their hallways as just connections to the rooms in their homes, but they should be included in your decorating plans as well. Choosing wood floors, for instance, means taking into account durability as well as the finish and wood tone. Engineered woods, like those used in Anderson's Vintage Bastille Hardwood collection, have the strength to stand up to foot traffic and the style to make them look as good as floors in the rest of the house.

Rather than view your interior halls as just pathways, why not see them as extensions to your rooms?

Design consultant Cindy Lee Bergersen, who writes a decorating column for Hamptons magazine, said it's important to choose a color scheme that ties together all your rooms for a cohesive look throughout the home. That includes the hallway colors for walls, ceiling and wood trim such as moldings.

Bergersen is a big proponent of using the same color for wood trim throughout a home, including the hallways. Painting trim a few shades lighter or darker than the wall color also gives them dimension without creating a jarring difference between the two.

Hall decor
Hallways can easily feel cramped if you have furniture in them, unless you use the space well. Consider placing a narrow chest of drawers or a small table against a wall or at the end of a lengthy hall rather than in the middle where it will inhibit the traffic flow.

Using a light-colored paint that coordinates with the colors in adjacent rooms will brighten any hall, but is particularly effective in lightening up a dark space. If you hang a mirror on a hallway wall, it will open up the space even more, according to Chatelaine magazine.

For the hallway's overhead light, you don't have to settle for a boring fixture. There are many styles of glass globes in frosted, wavy or clear glass that you can match to your home decor.

What interior hallways typically have in common are doorways and large expanses of walls. This is an opportunity to hang a wall gallery of family photographs or your favorite botanical prints. Create a theme for your artwork or hang photos in chronological sequence so visitors can enjoy seeing photos taken over time.

By decorating a hallway, you're tying the space into the rest of the house, but also relieving other rooms of some of the artwork and photos that tend to become clutter. Here, they're given a proper display as a neat, well-ordered collection.