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Practical features like lighting and floors affect aesthetics of a room

July 22, 2014

hardwood floorsThe right lighting can change how expansive or cozy a room is, and even alter the color values with artificial light after dark. Just as classic maple hardwood flooring like Anderson's Eagle Lodge Hardwood collection can add character to any room, the fixtures and bulbs you choose can affect the atmosphere of a space.

When you're trying to come up with a new home design, put the same emphasis on lamp choices as you do with the rest of your furnishings. Where you place task lighting for focused illumination will also affect the rest of the room. It may leave things in the dark or add a soft glow of indirect light.

Different types of illumination
A variety of lighting sources will be needed to meet all the activities that take place in a room, HGTV recommended. Task lighting for a desk and computer area may be appropriate to a home office, but sconces, floor and tabletop lamps, and recessed lighting are better choices for other rooms. In every space, overhead lights are important for overall light.

The most effective use of targeted, task lighting is to place them not only in different locations but at different heights. By adding dimmers to ceiling fixtures, homeowners can soften bright light and provide more versatile illumination than single overhead lamps usually offer.

Task lighting has a functional benefit as well as an aesthetic one. It reduces eye strain, whether you're seated at a computer, watching TV or reading.

Energy savings with light
The emergence of energy-efficient light bulbs in recent years has allowed people to cut their electric bills by replacing standard bulbs with light-emitting diodes and compact fluorescent lights. For people who prefer the traditional appearance of a standard light bulb, a compact fluorescent is the best choice. LED lights have a brighter, white look.

According to Energy 4 You, these bulbs typically save as much as 75 percent in energy compared to traditional light bulbs. While they cost more to purchase, they last an estimated five to eight times longer than incandescent bulbs so they pay for themselves over time.

Whether you're choosing lighting for practical purposes or for the style they add to a room, you'll be more satisfied with your decorating results if you see it as much as part of your room design as the flooring or the wall colors.