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Give your weekend cabin a floor-to-ceiling makeover

July 21, 2014

hardwood floorsIf your vacation cabin is starting to look more rundown than rustic, use the great weather in summer to get repairs done so you can relax during fall foliage and winter ski weekends. Start with hardwood floors like those in Anderson's Coastal Art Hardwood collection. Whether your retreat is on the shore or inland, these sturdy engineered floors with a distinctive pickle barrel finish will suit any improvements you plan.

You've probably been planning to repaint your cabin for ages so check the forecast to make sure you've got a warm, breezy weekend ahead of you and pull out the paint cans. Virtually any surface can be painted these days, from hard plastics to countertops, so painting walls and paneling to brighten your dark cabin interior is elementary.

This Old House magazine reported that the secret to a great paint job is sound preparation - a thorough cleaning followed by the right primer for the surface you're covering. If you want to retain a traditional, outdoorsy look, consider adding a faux finish that will add character to your final coat.

Create a home away from home
Whether you routinely invite guests or enjoy the solitude of quiet days away from the city bustle, it's time to evaluate the state of old appliances, which may be eating up your utility dollars to a frightening degree. Chances are you don't need more than basic models and apartment size fixtures may be just right for the space you have.

The same can be said for old bedding, including mattresses that wore out long ago. If you don't want to replace all the beds, save some space and money by investing in futons and convertible sofas, which can do double duty as seating during social gatherings.

Nothing will preserve the old-time style of a cottage better than collectibles and antiques that give it a look that grew over time, according to Country Living magazine. You probably have older furnishings in your possession that could be given new life with a quick makeover. Give an old rocker or lamp base a coat of paint and a distressed finish so it looks like it was never relegated to a back room.

Accessorize with a few finds from your local second-hand shop or a nearby flea market. There may things at your main residence that don't get the attention they deserve, so bringing them out to your home away from home may brighten up the place and allow you to be around things you love in both places.