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Lighten up the home design of a basement apartment

July 18, 2014

hardwood floorsBasements aren't just a place for a sprawling family room. Some homeowners transform them into small apartments to rent for extra income or to house a family member so they'll have privacy and their own entrance. If you're a homeowner who's planning to create a basement apartment, you should outfit it with quality home goods that will have long-lasting wear. Hardwood floors, from Anderson's Dellamano collection, for instance, never lose their appeal.

Basement apartments may lack the natural light of upper-level living, but they stay cool in summer and cozy in winter when chilly wind may seep through windows. The right colors and room design can take these spaces to a new aesthetic level as well.

With less sunlight, your walls and ceilings need to be lighter and brighter to take away the dark, dank look associated with basements. The Dellamano wood tones and finishes will add a warmth to any decor. They're also made of engineered wood, which is several layers of wood compressed together for extra toughness.

Color and light
When it comes to brightening up a space and compensating for the lack of sunshine, what you choose for lighting becomes more important. Use different types of fixtures - task lamps, overhead lighting, sconces or track lights - to complement the various rooms of the apartment. Choose compact fluorescent bulbs and light-emitting diodes for energy efficiency and because they may cast a light that's more natural looking.

For walls, use light, airy colors that reflect light well, give the illusion of more space and are versatile enough to go with any accent colors. Bright white has a more contemporary feel, while antique white and creamy shades with a yellow undertone suit traditional home design well.

Decorative space
There's often more wall space in a basement apartment than in the upper levels of a dwelling. This gives the resident more space for shelving, mirrors and artwork. One bonus that comes with mirrors is the ability to make the space look larger and spread the light further.

If you're decorating the apartment yourself, aim for furnishings that are fairly simple so the person who moves in will be able to accentuate the furniture with artwork and decorative items  that reflect their taste. Just as neutral wall colors are easier to decorate around, furniture that goes with modern or traditional decor will provide more versatile choices.