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Improve home design and storage in your small kitchen

July 16, 2014

hardwood flooringThere's something to be said about having kitchen utensils at arm's reach and appliances only a few steps from each other. As long as the space is decorated with stylish fixtures and classic hickory floors like those in Anderson's Vintage mixed-width hardwood planks, home cooks can enjoy every inch of their small kitchens. The key is making the space as efficient as possible.

Thinking vertically
Creating extra storage and a strategic layout in a kitchen with limited floor space is best done by building vertically, according to House Beautiful magazine. That can be accomplished by building cabinets straight to the ceiling or using the available open space above the highest cabinetry for storing infrequently used dishware and holiday items.

Standard cabinets are less expensive than customized ones but by adding some handy roll-out shelves and dividers, you can customize the cabinet interiors to make the most of the space you have. Any empty wall space can be a place for shelving, whether for storage that will help you clear off your counters or somewhere to display accessories that perk up the room design.

Make the most of the ceiling by adding a pot hanging rack or installing a magnetic knife holder on a wall. House Beautiful did a little of both above a stovetop that included a metal hanging device for measuring spoons and other small utensils as well as a small shelf for seasonings.

Adding color
Don't be afraid to introduce a bold wall color, as long as you do it in moderation. Pick a small accent wall to add a bright hue that coordinates well with the neutral shade on the other walls. However, if you have room for a small bistro table or a couple of stools along a counter, keep them in the same color as the main walls for an integrated look.

If you remove some of the cabinet doors, you can add texture and color to the kitchen decor by filling them with woven bins, glass containers or wicker baskets, Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommended.

With a mirrored backsplash, you can achieve two home design bonuses - reflect more light around the kitchen and give the illusion that you have more space than there is.

Maintain more clear and open space on your countertops. Any hint of clutter makes your kitchen looked cramped. If the appliances on your counter aren't used on a daily basis, place the ones you use less frequently inside the lower cabinets. Line them up from back to front, according to how frequently they're used.