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Outfit a glam bedroom with jewel colors and dark-toned wood floors

July 15, 2014

hardwood floorsOf all the decorating styles you could pick for your master bedroom, there's one that would probably tap your inner-movie star more than any other. A glam-style room design mixes the sophistication of a movie set with LA chic. With this look, the rich dark tones of Anderson's Brevard hardwood floor collection would be right at home.

In a palette of jewel tone colors and luxurious fabrics, a glam bedroom can create a retreat for letting go of the stresses of the day in style. An eclectic mix of accessories conjures the image of old Hollywood, and should be easy to assemble in a look that's both retro and modern.

Bold colors stand out
While jewel colors are typically used in this style, they can also be subtle. House to Home featured a bedroom that called for a deep rose satin bedspread on a bed set against white walls, light hardwood floors and an open-beam ceiling. An area rug in front of the bed picks up two shades of rose, the simple headboard is black and pillows and an artwork on the wall above the headboard share a black and white polka dot print.

Southern Living magazine did just the opposite - it fashioned a glam bedroom that would make any movie queen proud. Black furnishings with touches of silver are set against teal and aqua walls and soft furnishings. The most dramatic is a painted ceiling in aqua that's reflected in a silk duvet cover over the four-poster bed with silver posts.

While that may seem a little much for the average home decorator, it shows how well metallics can be introduced as accents reminiscent of the Art Deco era, which Hollywood romantic comedies embraced in the 1930s.

Dramatic accessories
One deep dramatic color is all you need to convey the glam aesthetic, and it should be focused on the bed, which is front and center in any bedroom. To keep balance in the room, add dramatically styled lamps, shimmery fabrics for window treatments, and brocade covers for pillows and seat cushions on a chaise lounge instead of a bench at the foot of the bed.

Mirror or glass-topped tables, round or square, can replace standard nightstand. Use a table skirt to match other fabrics in the room and you'll be able to use the hidden space underneath for storage. Even in a glamorous setting, practical needs must be met.