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Start with floor-to-ceiling shelves for a multipurpose home library

July 14, 2014

Colonial ManorA home library may seem like a luxury to today's homeowners, but not if you combine it with some other use in your house. Keep the home design functional and stylish - a variety of comfortable seating, rows of shelves, solid oak floors like those in Anderson's Vintage collection and good lighting. Together, those elements will give you a multipurpose room for book lovers.

Just because you think of a room lined with books as a library doesn't mean it's seen that way by everyone. For instance, if your other use for the space is guest quarters, chances are it will only be used intermittently. 

Placing a computer and desk in your library will make the room look like a home office in classy style. Outfitting an existing home office with a book-lined wall may be all that's needed for the transition. Think of the book wall as the room's biggest accessory. You can even arrange the collection by color or book type for a visual effect that makes it the focal point of the room design. You may have shelving already in place, but if not, a floor-to-ceiling arrangement packs quite an impact.

Choose your activity
If you want to make sure your kids get their homework done each night, add a small table or a second desk to your library room where they're assured of proper lighting, a place to spread out and few distractions. Allow them on their laptops only if it's necessary for the assignment and place a temporary ban on gaming.

The library can also become the room in your house where everyone knows they'll find some peace and quiet. Make it official by having a nightly quiet hour to relieve the stress of the day. For anyone who wants to join in, set up comfortable reading area or allow a quiet craft project to be constructed without a TV in the background.

Even if you don't think it's necessary for a quiet zone, you can encourage people to use the library for family activities that don't require electronic gadgets. If your family's crazy for board games, this is the spot to play them. For those who enjoy home movie nights, hang a screen on a wall, plan a movie theme that appeals to every family member and have your snacks planned out in advance.

Just like a regular library, a home version can be a place of discovery as well as relaxation.