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Let red, white and blue rule for your holiday room design

July 08, 2014

hardwood floorsPeople who live in apartments can have an urban-style Fourth of July gathering even if they're challenged for space. It's a chance to show off your good taste in home design, from classic wood floors in Anderson's Vintage Legacy collection to a great wall gallery of your favorite collectibles. 

The holiday lends itself to terrific decorating colors - red, white and blue - that you may want to keep for the rest of the summer. If you have a tiny balcony, put the essentials like the cooler and grill out there, string some white lights around the perimeter and encourage visitors to gather indoors where there's more room for socializing.

If you've been looking for an excuse to lighten up your apartment's color scheme, this is the time to do it. Mesh or lace white curtains give a small space an airy and open feel. White or light-colored slipcovers over a dark couch will also make a room seem bigger than it is.

Focus on accents
Many apartments come with white walls and renters often leave them as they are. That's make Fourth of July decorating easy enough - use the walls as the backdrop for red and white accents. You don't have to invest in all new furniture. Pillows and decorative throws over the sofa and main chairs in your living room will give the room a holiday vibe.

Country Living magazine featured a mix of sofa pillows in navy and white stripes, red and white plaids, and nautical-inspired patterns. Together, they have a decided summetime look, but one that also fits well with the holiday.

Versatile combinations
Whether you have contemporary or traditional furniture, red, white and blue has a crisp, clean appearance that goes with both. It lends itself to modern simplicity or the softer atmosphere of cottage-style decorating.

To spruce up your room design, a wood rocker or side chair that's seen better days can be given new life with a coat of high-gloss, deep red paint. Red is a bold accent in any color scheme, regardless of the season, according to Elle Decor. It's bright in a summer motif and a warm complement to nature colors of brown, gray and green for fall and winter.

If you have room to set up a dining area, or just a buffet table, create a tablescape in patriotic colors. Bring some of the outdoors in by having small terra cotta pots with red, white and blue blooms as the centerpiece.