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You can't go wrong with classic colors and wood floors

July 07, 2014

hardwood floorsThere's a reason why some colors have always been among consumers' decorating favorites. They work well with neutral shades, bold accents and the rich finishes on hardwood floors like Anderson's Southern Vista hardwood floor collection. Some colors simply suit a variety of design schemes better than most.

Since ancient times when the Greeks believed that blue offered protection against evil, the color of the ocean and sky has been a favorite of people throughout the world. Color Matters noted that blue is used in more than half the flags of countries worldwide and that business logos use this color more than any other.

Considering the range of blue tones that exist, it's not surprising that homeowners choose blue for room design more than most colors.

A tone of this longtime favorite color will go with virtually any style of home furnishings. It works with both contemporary and traditional design schemes. When paired with white, it takes a cue from Scandinavian design tradition, but also all-American cottage-style decor.

If homeowner want to add a particularly bold accent to blue, they should consider orange, which is blue's complementary hue on the color wheel. Although it's rarely seen in foliage, blue lends itself to nature colors associated with the shore - sunny yellow and sandy brown.

Break from tradition
It's natural to associate red and green with Christmas, and that may cause people to shy away from this color combination at other times of the year. But if they consider how many shades there are of both colors, home decorators will find this color pair ranges from homey, country style to subdued and elegant, depending on which reds and greens are used.

Maroon, for instance, has an undertone of red and it's a versatile neutral for a host of hues that include green accents. Moss green has a gray-green tone that looks particularly good with deep cranberry red, camel, beige and black, and that's just the start of the list that can be matched up with this versatile color.

In a red and off-white room design suggested by Better Homes and Gardens magazine, many shades of green can be easily incorporated against a backdrop of indoor plants. With this subtle approach, red and green will work throughout the year.

Whether they select a perennial favorite like blue or present a fresh take on a traditional duo like red and green, homeowners won't go wrong when they decorate with colors that have garnered fans for generations.