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Build on classic looks like hardwood floors to help set the mood of a room

June 26, 2014

hardwood floorsWe all know what it's like to walk into a room and experience sensory overload. There may be too much clutter, a profusion of colors and no coordination between the furnishings. Sometimes, homeowners need to take a step back and rely on classic design elements, like hickory hardwood floors in Anderson's Vintage Copper Creek collection, to set the mood of a room

Creating an atmosphere in home design has as much to do with lighting as color, sound and texture, according to Houzz. In fact, light can alter the room's colors depending on how much natural light is available or what type of light bulbs are used.

But it's also possible to use light to strike a mood of your own creation. For instance, to add atmosphere to a dark corner, string a line of tiny white lights around its periphery. If you use energy-efficient LED lighting, it will emit a unique glow and save energy at the same time.

An important guide to choosing lamps for your home is to find the right balance of overhead and task lighting. Nothing brightens a space like a strong overhead light, but for a softer look within a certain section of a room, a task lamp will concentrate the glow in that space.

Color, patterns and texture
Colors are divided into warm hues and cool colors based on the atmosphere they impart, according to Freshome. The theory is that warm colors like red, orange and yellow create a cozy atmosphere, while green, blue and gray have a cool, airy effect.

When using patterns and prints, it gets a little trickier. Geometric shapes and stripes typically have a more dramatic effect than softer floral prints because they quickly catch attention as soon as you enter a room. Their contrast to solid backgrounds is also more pronounced. But like anything else, the specific tone of colors, which can be muted or bold, will influence how much any pattern stands out.

Although the role of light and color is far reaching, the textural quality of a room scheme may also influence the atmosphere of a space. By introducing a variety of textures in soft furnishings, homeowners can add a tactile look and feel to their decorating efforts. As a last touch, don't overlook how aroma from flowers, scented candles or air fresheners can affect the mood of a room. Only then will the room design appeal to a variety of senses.