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Make a personal statement with the room design of your home office

June 20, 2014

hardwood floorsAn antique rolltop desk or one that has a series of cubby holes may be fine for a traditionalist, but for many people a large, flat surface is the ideal desk these days for a home office. It's contemporary and functional and goes well with home design elements that include gleaming hardwood floors like those in Anderson's Urban Loft collection. These are among the features that give homeowners workspaces that reflect their personal taste and modern needs.

Often, home offices are part of a den, family room or other shared space within a house. Houzz recommended that homeowners work around not only the amount of room they have for a workspace, but any architectural limitations. For instance, an office under the eaves of a renovated attic can be outfitted with shelving for storage. In an L-shaped room, one part of the configuration can be dedicated to the office and other activities can be take place in the rest of the room.

Built-in cabinetry can be customized to fit a residential workstation using all the available space from ceiling to floor. Another good idea is to attach a vertical bulletin board the size of a full-length mirror on a side wall. That keeps the notes and paperwork readily available without cluttering the space above the desk.

Add style to function
Home offices need to be practical, but that doesn't mean they can't have style.Instead of standard shelves or bins, a home decorator can use baskets or colorful cloth bins for storing office supplies. An attractive window treatment is another way to bring a stylish touch to a space that's typically seen as utilitarian. Add a cornice or valance for a polished look with a simple curtain or go beyond a standard window covering to a roman-style shade in a bold pattern or color.

In addition, the soft furnishings for a home office - area rugs, slipcovers for chairs and pillows - need to create the right balance of fabrics that complement, but don't compete with each other, according to Ideas For Home Decorating.

Prints are often overlooked in favor of more subdued solids, but the room design of an office that's located at home doesn't have to be kept to corporate standards. No single print should stand out as dominant over the rest when several are used. One large-scale pattern will balance two smaller designs, and different types of fabric will bring textural value to the mix.