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With the right home design man caves can appeal to the whole family

June 04, 2014

hardwood flooringMan caves came into being when guys felt they needed a place of their own to get away from the rest of family. What they didn't expect was that mom and the kids would explore dad's new digs. They liked what they saw - a sofa they could sink into, welcoming hardwood in Vintage maple mixed-width plank floors and a place outfitted for fun and entertainment.

Now, so-called man caves may as well be called family caves, according to HGTV. They've strayed far beyond a makeshift corner of the garage with a beat-up recliner, TV set and a mini-fridge for snacks.

The heart of any man cave has always been comfortable seating that accommodates as many people as possible. L-shaped sectionals work well in these cases because they can be divided when there's need of separate conversation spots rather than one large seating area. When it's kept together, a sectional can be pushed against a wall to keep it from interfering with the room's natural traffic flow.

If you're planning this entertainment center in a basement or renovated garage space, engineered hardwood is a good choice for flooring. Made of several wood layers compressed together, engineered wood also resists stains and moisture and has great durability to withstand lots of foot traffic.

A comfortable place
There's something for everyone when these entertainment rooms are designed like those featured on Pinterest. Many have a large sofa where a guy and his buddies can spread out for the big game, but there's also a play area around the corner for the kids to let off steam.

If space is at a premium, store all your entertainment components in a single shelving unit and mount the TV on a wall. This way, you can effectively compartmentalize the TV, sound system and storage into one area to save space. Add a popcorn machine, a small refrigerator and a microwave on a side counter and you're ready for snack time.

There's bound to be some discussion about how to decorate the man cave if in fact it's more of a family cave. If you've got a sports-loving brood, there's no argument - team colors and insignia galore from the color of walls to the pillows on the sofa. Film buffs will favor movie posters, gamers may want their favorite characters on display. Whatever the family's interests, accessorizing is the way to reflect them.