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Rustic chic is a style made with distressed hardwood floors in mind

June 03, 2014

Hardwood FloorsAs beautiful as pristine wood flooring is, some people would rather see an aged, imperfect version of hardwood floors that harken back to eras when fine finishes weren't the norm. Gnarly Hardwood Plank collection, for instance, is what it sounds like - authentic, distressed oak in variable widths that would have been at home in colonial days.

The difference today is that Gnarly Plank also suits contemporary decor, because homeowners now appreciate the juxtaposition of soft and hard materials, as well as those that are elegant against rough-hewn woods and stone surfaces, according to Mix and Chic. In both modern and traditional home design, there's a growing demographic of homeowners who want repurposed furnishings and materials that fit with high-quality home goods.

The style even has a name - rustic chic - and it fits as well in bedrooms as it does in kitchens. Digs Digs' decorating website noted that home offices done in rustic chic feature natural wood furniture, country accessories that include metal containers and basketry and industrial-style lighting. If you don't have an attic where this workspace could be tucked under an eave, find a corner elsewhere in your home to get the same cozy atmosphere to work in.

Accompaniments to rustic chic
With natural woods adding a dark cast to a room, keeping the window treatments lightweight and breezy allows sunlight to come in, and sets up an interesting sensory mix of filmy fabric and solid wood. White mesh or lace with a border that matches the wall color is a good choice. A pattern that coordinates well with other soft furnishings will bring some continuity into the room design.

Deep hues in paint like navy, burgundy or hunter green bring out the highlights of natural wood tones. The richness of this combination creates a dynamic color scheme that you can work with during any time of the year and will ensure that the wood floors will draw significant attention.

To go with distressed woods, nature-based accessories soften the rough, angular edges of the design scheme. Plants are an easy choice, but if you don't have a green thumb, try shore-inspired pieces like a glass bowl filled with starfish or a macramé wall hanging made of twine.

This is a good chance to incorporate older furnishings, like a side table that's been hidden away and now looks great against a soft-cushioned reading chair. With the warm glow of wood floors, they'll create the comfortable feeling of a well lived-in room.