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Engineered hardwood floors hold up against activity demands of a home gym

May 22, 2014

Hardwood FlooringAn attractive home gym may give you the motivation you need to get in shape for beach season. If you have extra space in your home, create a mini-fitness center and decorate it to get you in a positive mood for exercising. Start with engineered wood floors like those in Anderson's Gnarly Plank Hardwood Floor collection to withstand the constant motion of an exercise regimen.

According to, choosing sturdy flooring for a home gym is crucial. Engineered floors have the durability to stand up to regular use without skimping on style. Gnarly Plank, for instance, features the authentically distressed look of antique oak floors in random widths. However, it works as a good complement to a contemporary aesthetic as well as traditional home design.

Made of several wood layers compressed together, engineered hardwood also resists stains and moisture well. In addition to the favorable impression that a home gym would make on prospective buyers when the time comes to sell your home, knowing that sturdy wood floors are in place is likely to improve the home's resale value.

With your flooring set, you can move on to other room design elements to make your home exercise area a place that you'll look forward to using on a daily basis.

Home gym decor
Most people find getting through their workouts easier if they have their favorite shows or a news program to watch. But you'll need to be able to point the TV in different directions as you shift between exercises. The best solution is to find a flat screen TV with a swiveling wall mount that can be installed unobtrusively in a corner of the room.

To make the atmosphere of your exercise spot welcoming, but not jarring, avoid colors that are too bold. Opt for softer hues like sage, light blue or similar shades that can create a soothing environment. This not only helps you get in the mood to exercise, but also transforms the home gym into a peaceful retreat when the cool down takes place after intense exercise routines.

Home Designing recommended adding some large mirrors on one of the walls for an open, roomy quality in the space. They also to help you check your fitness moves and make sure you're carrying out exercise positions correctly.

Gym mats and rubber tiles are great additions that you can use to pad your exercise machines or create an area to do sit ups and push ups. They can also protect the surface of your wood flooring and spare it from any unnecessary scratches and dings that may occur during your workout.