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Consider floors and older furniture when you plan a room makeover

March 18, 2014

Solid Oak Hardwood FloorsWatching TV design shows can inspire people to tackle home improvement projects, but carrying them out may be a bit daunting. In such cases, paring down a project may be the way to go, as long as there are beautiful floors like those Anderson's Vintage Solid collection and other high-quality features already in place.

HGTV show host Kelly Edwards is one professional decorator who doesn't leave out floors when she's doing a room design. Whether she chooses an area rug to bring out the richness of wood floors or leave them unadorned, relating a decorating project to the permanent fixtures in a room should be part of any makeover.

"By making your floors stand out, your walls can only look better," she told the design channel.

Edwards also advised people to take a second look at a piece of furniture they're planning to replace. Sometimes by painting older kitchen chairs or reviving leather furnishings with a dab of olive oil, they'll still have some life in them.

She's a big proponent of experimenting with fabrics. Combining patterns and textures in window treatments and other soft furnishings can create a new look around major pieces of furniture and tie into accessories that home decorators already own. An economical way to include new fabrics into a project is to check out remnants tables at fabric stores. For instance, remnants may be just big enough to create small items like new pillow covers or a table runner.

Making it personal
Some designers also place a high premium on "personalization," and TV design show host Lauren Makk is one of them. With her success on such shows as Drill Team on A&E, Makk knows what it takes to come up with an individual look.

"Regardless of what my style is, I really like to tailor each one of my designs to what the client needs, how their lifestyle fits them and to make it a space that means something to them," Makk told KOHN-TV in Honolulu.

When Makk draws up a home design proposal, she takes into consideration the budget that will make it possible. Shopping in a variety of venues, from upscale shops to second-hand stores, can yield a great mix of luxury items that are offset by affordable pieces.

"I live on a budget and I really like to cater my design to people that do, too," she said. "I think good design should be available to everyone."