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Certain color duos in room design stand the test of time

October 30, 2013

Hardwood FloorsTrends come and go, but some color combinations stand the test of time just as beautiful wood floors like those in Anderson's Hermosa Plank collection have long-lasting appeal in home design. From monochromatic schemes to bold accent hues, these are combos that frequently turn up as designers' favorites.

Not just for holidays
Many people assume that using red and green makes a room look like it's decorated for Christmas. But it's also a color pair that can range from homey, country style to subdued and elegant. It just depends on which greens and reds one uses.

Maroon, for instance, has an undertone of red and it's a versatile neutral for a host of hues that include green accents. Moss green has a gray-green tone that looks particularly good with deep cranberry red, camel, beige and black, and that's just the start of the list that can be matched up with this versatile hue.

In a red and off-white room design suggested by Better Homes and Gardens magazine, many shades of green can be easily incorporated with a backdrop of indoor plants. With this subtle approach, red and green will work throughout the year without a thought given to the holidays.

A classic pair
Black and white may be the most classic pair of all. It goes with virtually any accent color, and by itself has a dramatic, elegant effect. With the right style of furnishings, a black-and-white design plan creates a memorable impression.

HGTV featured one such design for a lengthy front porch on a colonial home. In addition to black shutters and a period wrought iron lantern for lighting, the white home and porch railings were offset by black rocking chairs and a white porch swing with black and white decorative pillows.

Black and white also go well with metallics. Silver  and related tones like brushed nickel top the list, but gold, bronze and brass are also good complements to this classic duo.

Lights and Darks
Dark colors aren't for everyone, but those who have their doubts may change their minds when they see a dark monochromatic color scheme. Light, single-hue designs give a bright and airy look to a room, but darker hues often have a touch of sophistication.

Homeowners who aren't ready to take the dark color plunge can still achieve the elegance of a monochromatic color scheme in any color of their choice. Different shades of white and off-white are another timeless combination that goes well with any style of furnishings.