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Flooring, lighting and ventilation are issues when adding a seasonal porch

October 25, 2013

Hardwood FloorsThe installation of wood floors in a sun porch is just one factor involved in creating a room that extends the living space in one's home. Whether it's a three-season porch or one that's used all year, it should have features, like the beautiful hickory hardwood flooring in Anderson's Chestnut Hill collection, that make it into a room the entire family can enjoy.

If homeowners are planning to add a sun porch, the first rule of construction is the same in real estate - location, location, location. The goal is to capture as much natural light as possible so the structure should ideally be facing the south where sunlight is strongest. Ultraviolet rays will heat up the room somewhat during cooler weather.

One consideration when installing new floors is to make sure the surface height is the same as the home flooring so that people won't trip as they move from one space to the next. It also helps to have a doorway leading into the home that's accessibly wide enough for someone in a wheelchair.

If the home doesn't have a great room, a sun porch with a high ceiling provides a good imitation. The added height creates an airy, larger appearance in the whole space. Adding skylights to the roof covering the sunroom brings light into that area and also into the house, making up for light that's been lost by the addition of a structure onto the home.

Make an energy-saving porch
The difference between a three-season porch and an all-season sunroom is that those used all year are fully insulated, heated and sometimes air conditioned. Unlike porches that are simply screened-in, seasonal ones have windows and screens similar to those used throughout the home.

Installing outdoor ceiling fans keeps air flowing, cooling when necessary and dispersing heat into the space when the fan direction is reversed to a counter clockwise spin.

Homeowners who are building a new sun porch will save money in the long run by using as many energy-saving and sustainable materials as possible. There's also a cost savings in installing standard glazed windows because future replacements will be easier to install and less expensive.

Adding architectural features such as arches, lattice work and bead board on walls or ceilings creates a room design that's unique and adds value to the space. There's no need to restrict the decor, because a sun porch should have the same comfortable, stylish furniture as the rest of the home.