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Start slow with quality furnishings to gradually transform a home

August 20, 2013

Hardwood FloorsInstead of charging into a full-scale home makeover, people can make simple, meaningful improvements to create a house that reflects their personalities. Some of those changes, like installing hardwood flooring from Anderson's Mountain collection, give homeowners a high-quality feature to build on.

When interior designer Joanna Everitt and her architect husband Justin moved into their 1950's-era home, the temporary makeover they did throughout the house reflected the dwelling's period and their personal taste. Eventually, they planned to add a second story to the mid-century home, but renovations take time and effort and not everyone is up to the task as soon as they move into new digs.

"I've done the whole 'new [house] thing' but I would choose the older home every time because it's got more character," Everitt told The West Australian.

Start with a simple palette
Everitt suggested that homeowners always begin their home design with a plain palette, then add the colors they love in furniture and accessories. Using bright colors on permanent fixtures such as tiles or finishes that will take a lot of work to change back should be avoided.

Painting architectural features such as ceiling beams and worn brick walls in a fresh white allowed the couple to bring in a variety of accent colors, such as the bright blue corner chair in their living room. Bold hues in pillows popped against the neutral upholstery of her sofa.

Buy accent pieces
Adding a bit of luxury to a room design is another way to give it a quick uplift. It may be easier and more economical to splurge on a small-ticket item like an accessory rather than a large piece of furniture, but the impact will be there.

Everitt wasn't reluctant to furnish a house with furnishings or accessories normally associated with patios, because it reflected her personality best. Including unexpected touches like these doesn't require a big investment, but they bring a whimsical touch to a residence.

Choose new soft furnishings
Focusing on soft furnishings is an easy way to re-do a space without extensive remodeling. Window treatments allow homeowners to create a focal point with color and different textures by pairing shades with flowing drapes or hanging them alone.

Choosing an area rug that complements a beautiful wood floor is another chance to create a mix of hard surfaces and soft fibers. Tying the colors and patterns of the rug into the overall design gives a finished look to a well-furnished room.