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Three great New Years resolutions for your home design

January 01, 2014

Once the stress of the holidays is finally over, you've got a brand new and brighter year to look forward to.

Once the stress of the holidays is finally over, you've got a brand new and brighter year to look forward to. One in which you finally tackle that New Year's resolution you've been talking about for almost half a decade. While most people are probably planning to hit the gym (give them a month max before quitting) or eat more healthy (until the Valentine's Day chocolate goes on sale), why not pick a New Year's resolution you can stick to, like hardwood floors, finishing the basement or finally giving yourself a creative space? Consider this trio of promises and how they can better your home design in the coming year (and way beyond)!

1. Lay down brand new hardwood floors
Hardwood flooring is one of the finest features in a home, bringing out the best in everything from furniture to kitchen appliances to the artwork on the walls. So it's not difficult to see how keeping this New Year's resolution can make a huge change in your home that'll last for years - especially considering hardwood's durability. Anderson Floors is the expert in hardwood flooring, which is why you don't want to skimp on its various lines of boards and planks. Unquestionably, the Sanctuary collection is the one for your home. Made from solid maple, these boards are resplendent with rich hues and hand-scraped texture, perfect for reflecting the flickering flame of a fireplace or the warm glow of the sun.

2. Finish the basement
Speaking of hardwood floors, as nice as they'd look throughout the home, they'd look especially great in the basement. But finishing a basement involves much more than simply laying down gorgeous flooring. First you'll want to address dimensions, consider putting in walls, think about what you'll use the space for and then winterize it fully. Once all that's done, perhaps you can invest in a billiards table, cordon off an area as a home office space or even construct a home bar. Your options are endless!

3. Craft a creative space
While some people may be building home gyms, media centers and all kinds of other areas, you're probably feeling an urge to get in touch with your creative side. A small painting or craft studio could be just what you need. Or perhaps you're more of a writer and would love a spot to put your shelves of books (inspiration!) and a giant desk for you to write at.