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Three essential living room renovations for your New Year's party

January 01, 2014

New Year's parties are usually the event that puts the rest of the year's parties to shame.

New Year's parties are usually the event that puts the rest of the year's parties to shame. Whether you're planning to throw the soiree of the year or just hoping to have a good time with close friends, you'll still want to make sure that your living room is in tip-top shape, from floor to ceiling. While the usual cleaning, organizing and decorating are in order, consider how a few other renovations, big and small, might help bring out the best in your space on New Year's Eve and throughout the coming 365 days (and beyond)! Consider this trio of essential living room renovations that will kick your party into high gear and give you a living room to be proud of throughout the coming years. Start from the ground up with hardwood floors!

1. Your flooring
Flooring is an essential - and often overlooked - part of home design. Despite taking up as much space as the walls and ceiling, flooring is rarely taken into consideration when working out room design. However, you can trust Anderson Floors to take what's underfoot very seriously. When renovating your floors, look no further than their Chestnut Hill collection. With true designer vision, this line of boards evokes the charm and rustic appeal of historic American design, with hand-scraped engineered hardwood planks made of hickory that offer timeless good looks. With one eye on the past, this flooring is sure to offer homeowners a glimpse of a bright and stylish future.

2. Your home bar
Not surprisingly, New Year's Eve is going to involve a lot of champagne popping and tasty mixed drinks. You'll want to make sure that not only is your bar area up to snuff, but you're properly equipped as well. Make sure you've got a cocktail shaker or two, depending on the size of your party, and a strainer to match. Ice buckets, jiggers for measuring, cooling wine bottle sleeves for the champagne and a whole host of glassware are also essential. And don't forget the drink ingredients themselves! Want to reduce your shopping costs? Why not settle on two particular cocktails and serve those all night?

3. Your sound system
From the ball drop itself come midnight to the music you'll have pumping through all party long before and after the pivotal moment, don't skimp on excellent sound. A solid sound system with great speakers is sure to be the sort of investment you'll relish for years to come.