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Renovating your New England cabin for the autumn

September 05, 2013

Solid Maple Hardwood FloorBefore long, the leaves will start turning. Beginning north of the Canadian border, along the peninsula of Nova Scotia and then spreading into Maine and upper Vermont and New Hampshire - the Northeast will make its annual transition in dress, going from green to a marvelous bouquet of red, gold and orange. It's a natural wonder that draws people from around the world, and, for New Englanders themselves, is both a point of pride and a reminder of home. You'll want to be sure to enjoy the New England autumn alongside everyone else, so why not take the early opportunity to refurbish your cabin for the season?

Whether along the Maine shore or nestled in the Berkshires, your cabin will need one unifying feature to bring the space together and cast its themes in line with the beautiful foliage. Wood floors have all the natural hues and brilliant shimmer of autumn leaves, and all the character, age and durability of the trees themselves. Anderson Hardwood Floors carries the Sanctuary line of solid maple floors especially for this sort of home away from home. These vintage planks are full of rich maple hues with a hand-scraped texture ideal for capturing the flicker and dance of a hearth at night and absorbing the color and shade of fall foliage during the day.

Looking for a few more tips to bring your New England cabin together? Consider a few of these ideas to give your cabin that Yankee touch.

1. Adirondack chairs. These hardwood chairs belie appearance and are among the most comfortable furniture you can find. Whether you place them on the deck, dockside or even in the cabin itself, these chairs are fantastic for reading, napping, chatting and observing the scenery.

2. Mudroom. A classic New England space - even if mud season won't be arriving until the spring, have a corner near your front door to store shoes, boots and jackets will help keep your cabin clean and organized. Designate cubbies for different family members and guests.

3. Screened-in porch. Rather than be at the mercy of late summer mosquitoes, use your screened-in porch as a safe and comfortable place to enjoy a meal or a drink in the evening. Some folks even use these porches as spare bedrooms during summer months, so if it's a warm September, consider that option as well.