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Light and spirit of summer can be a year-round motif for room design

August 23, 2013

Hardwood FloorsAs summer comes to an end, homeowners may be reluctant to let go of all the light and airiness that the season frequently brings to home decor. But adding an atmosphere of timelessness, which is one of the attributes of classic hardwood floors like Anderson's Cimarron collection, can be accomplished year-round.

Selecting a mix of collectible and contemporary styles has a youthful look that embodies the free spirit of summer days. If homeowners' existing furniture is traditional, they can add new life to a room design with accessories and soft furnishings that have a decidedly casual and modern twist.

Atlanta interior designer Amy Gleghorn told the Charlotte Business Journal that older pieces can be reupholstered in materials that bring in summer's energy but work well in a year-round design scheme.

"In an otherwise sedate space, adding some whimsy with an over-sized wing back chair in a bold, colorful pattern can liven and brighten up a room," she suggested.

The colors of summer
When it comes to color selection, the bright whites and bold colors of summertime bring sparkle to home design during the dreariest days. As in all decorating jobs, painting is the most affordable tool to create a new look. In the bathroom, for instance, light and airy hues can be offset with white towels to create a spa atmosphere.

Painting window trim and moldings in a bold color brings strong contrast into a room with a neutral walls, and brightens it in a way that suggests sunny days regardless of the weather outside.

Bringing summer into the bedroom is achieved by focusing on the bed ensemble. The bolder the material, the more the bed will stand out as the focal point of the room. Gleghorn recommended replacing dark-colored bedding with a white duvet cover and adding bright colors with toss pillows that can be changed seasonally.

Taking it a step further, HGTV suggested painting a headboard in a bright summer color, which offsets white bedding beautifully. A large upholstered headboard may be framed in wood stained in a tone that matches wood floors and other furnishings.

For a window treatment, soft sheer shades in white provide an elegant backdrop for any number of colorful curtains, but also have the light and airy feel of summer when used by themselves. They bring a soft indirect light into a room, creating a relaxing ambiance.