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DIY trim adds customized wall and ceiling features to room design

July 23, 2013

Hardwood FlooringFrom floor to ceiling, homeowners can build architectural features where none exist and give their homes an impressive, customized look. Unique accent pieces may be made from moldings and trims painted or stained to match hardwood flooring such as Anderson's hand-crafted Cimarron collection.

Pre-made trim is available at home improvement centers in a multitude of sizes and decorative styles. That allows home decorators to buy exactly the trim to match their home's architectural style or to infuse a house with a style of the homeowners' choice.

Ceiling highlights
An obvious place to start is with crown molding to frame rooms where the ceiling meet the walls. Depending on what size molding is used, and whether it's painted to match the walls or the ceiling, homeowners can create the illusion of higher ceilings. If the house has high ceilings, crown molding draws the eye upward to see a decorative touch that encases a room design.

With so many hanging lamps and chandeliers, another embellishment to try is a ceiling medallion, which creates a centered design to offset the main lighting fixture.

Wall decor
With very simple, inexpensive types of trims, homeowners can make chair rails in dining areas and kitchens, which opens up the opportunity to decorate with a dual color scheme, add wallpaper or install beadboard paneling.

Wainscoting is another option that allows homeowners to come up with a design that's simple and rustic for country or cottage-style decorating, or more elaborate for a formal decorating scheme.

Adding wooden shutters to windows is like having an architectural touch and a window treatment in one. They can be painted in any color, although whites or natural wood tones may fit best with country design.

Shutters that cover only the bottom half of the window can be closed to limit bright sunlight coming into the room without shutting it out altogether. They also provide some privacy at street level, while retaining a view at the tree line.

Artistic trim
For artistic home decorators, there's also the option of creating room trim by painting it onto walls. A latticework design is appropriate to less formal decor, while trompe l'oeil - a paint technique that presents a realistic representation of an item - creates wall decor that's more intricate.

By painting a trim on their walls, homeowners would produce a one-of-a-kind decoration that truly puts their signatures on their home designs.