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The senses can play a role in the atmosphere of a room design

July 22, 2013

Hardwood FlooringPeople often talk about the "feel" of a room without defining what it is about the atmosphere that  makes them comfortable. It may come down to how the design of a space affects our senses. Certainly the sight of beautiful floors like Anderson's Casitablanca collection is very appealing. But sight, along with smell, sound and touch - and obviously taste in the kitchen - are all important factors to consider in decorating.

Family Circle magazine stated that color is the ultimate tool to delight the senses. Using geometric patterns and stripes often has a more dramatic effect than softer floral prints. The stronger lines of geometrics and stripes quickly catch people's attention when they enter a room and create an interesting contrast to solid backgrounds.

Mood-altering lights
Typically, homeowners think of bold colors as the element that will affect one's sensory response most. However, lighting may have more influence on the mood of a room than people think, even altering the shade of a color at different times of the day or evening.

To add atmosphere to a dark corner, for instance, a string of white Christmas lights can perform their magic all year instead of just at holiday time. Energy-efficient LED lighting is in keeping with the move to using more sustainable products in the home, and they emit a unique glow that can enhance certain areas.

An important guide to choosing lights in home design is to find the right balance of overhead and task lighting. For general illumination, nothing brightens a space like a strong overhead light, but for a softer look within a certain section of a room design, a task light will concentrate the glow in that space.

Small sensory changes 
Perking up the sensory side of decor doesn't have to take a long time or require a big investment, according to For a satisfying weekend project, focusing on the tactile and eye-catching aspects of home design can be accomplished with simple changes to give furnishings a new look.

Re-arranging the furniture is just one of the simple changes that homeowners can make without exerting a lot of effort. Adding the aroma of flowers or scented candles is a small sensory change that adds accent to the new look.

The sound of wind chimes can be just as appealing in a new setting. In addition to their soothing notes after they catch a breeze from a window, chimes come in many beautiful designs that can accessorize a room.