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Room design should embrace all members of the family

July 15, 2013

Hardwood FloorsWhether it's a play area, a dining room or a basement media space, a home should embrace all members of the family. Choosing furniture and permanent features like hickory hardwood flooring from Anderson's Hickory Forge collection should be part of a design plan that everyone can enjoy.

An important part of home design is choosing furnishings that are in line with family needs as well as the decorating style of the home. According to, homeowners should analyze what they have already, what they want to add and how to meld the two together that will make both children and adults comfortable. Dining tables, for instance, should be chosen based on the activities for which they may be used beyond having a meal.

Tailored approach
It takes diplomacy to address the preferences of all members of the family so that everyone's interests are accommodated. But for the home decorator, the challenge in bridging these divisions may focus largely on styles that suit both male and female tastes.

A tailored approach is sometimes the best since it's simple, uncluttered and versatile enough to match a wide variety of colors and patterns. For instance, the choice of upholstery and pillows may be in bold colors and simple designs rather than the softer look of pastels and scalloped edges.

On, design expert Laura Gaskill suggested a style she calls "tailored feminine."

"To me, that means a space with some classic symmetry and solid, almost masculine pieces to ground the room, but with plenty of white and lighter colors," she said.

For decorative pieces with wide appeal, artwork and lamps may be geometric put with frame colors or lampshades that soften the look of a room design. Including some accessories with a bit of whimsy will make junior members of the family feel included in the design choices.

When visitors call
When it comes time to include visitors in family activities, children should again be considered along with adults in how a home is set up for parties or other events. Taking children's food preferences and seating comfort into account are also important for everyone to enjoy themselves. A mix of china styles for adults can co-exist with unbreakable tableware if children are present.

While guests are encouraged to linger at a dining table during a seated meal, more active socializing is preferred under some circumstances. Party hosts can set up food stations that will have visitors moving about and munching as they go.