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TV home design shows help homeowners from inspiration to budgets

July 12, 2013

Hardwood FloorsHome decorators may watch TV design shows for inspiration, but become daunted by projects that seem beyond their capabilities. What professionals have learned, though, is that it's worth investing in long-term improvements, including beautiful hardwood flooring like Anderson's Brevard collection, and paring down decorating plans in other ways.

While certain projects may seem too daring for some people, others can be adjusted by homeowners in their degree of difficulty with a change in building materials. Home decorators can make their improvements as easy or difficult as they like, and gain something truly unique in the process.

Real-life examples
Fans of HGTV's Rate My Space can attest to the budget-wise inspiration that the show gives them. One viewer whose favorite design style is cottage decorating created an inviting patio ensemble by covering a porch swing with an old-fashioned quilt. She chose to accessorize with pedestals holding large candles and an arrangement of antique jars on a simple wooden coffee table.

Such ideas would work as well in a sunroom with the warm look of wood floors to offset white and off-white decor, which is a mainstay in cottage design.

Tailored to taste
Some designers place a high premium on "personalization," and TV design show host Lauren Makk is one of them. With her success on such shows as Drill Team on A&E, Makk knows what it takes to come up with an individual look.

While she has become known for an edgy, urban landscape style, she puts her own taste aside when working with clients.

"Regardless of what my style is, I really like to tailor each one of my designs to what the client needs, how their lifestyle fits them and to make it a space that means something to them," Makk told KOHN-TV in Honolulu.

Budget-wise choices
In addition to getting decorating ideas, designers featured on makeover shows often provide money-saving tips that help consumers build projects tailored to their own home design.

Makk uses her own experience when drawing up a design plan by taking into consideration the budget that will make it possible. Shopping in a variety of venues, from upscale shops to second-hand stores, can yield a great mix of luxury items that are offset by affordable pieces.

"I live on a budget and I really like to cater my design to people that really do, too," she said. "I think good design should be available to everyone."