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Eclectic home design lends itself to rustic accents in a southwestern theme

July 11, 2013

Hardwood FloorsFor those who don't want to commit to one style of decorating but like the casual rusticity of the Southwest, there's a happy medium. They can strive for an eclectic look that's embodies a southwestern theme. Adding Anderson's Urban Loft, a softly textured hickory hardwood flooring, is an example of how different components can complement this versatile style of home design.

Homeowners or renters who want to show off their personalities and interests often find that eclectic decorating is a way for them to add new furnishings without giving up existing furniture that they have collected over the years. At the same time, they shouldn't get carried away with the eclectic look.

"For a space to work it needs to have balance and harmony," California interior designer Marjorie Marcellus told "[Furnishings] should relate to each other, but that doesn't mean they have to match, be of the same era, same price or quality."

Look to the walls
Eclectic decor really shines when it comes to wall art. Apartment dwellers can add wall art to their rented digs without fear of damaging the walls. Removable adhesive hooks are very effective for hanging artwork and collectibles. Wrought iron accent pieces are versatile enough for eclectic designs and add the southwestern vibe.

For home decorators who love to haunt flea markets and second-hand stores, there may be some rustic finds that will make great accessories in a southwestern decor scheme. It continues the trend to mix old and new furnishings in room design.

Go in and out with southwestern style
Home decorators who want to transport the look of a sprawling southwestern landscape to their outdoor living spaces should focus on patio furnishings in the Southwest's earthy colors. Adding a simple wood trellis for trailing vines or to attach tiny pots of cacti on hooks would be the start of some imaginative accessorizing.

One example featured on was an enclosed gazebo that included modern wicker furnishings with seating made of wide-striped gray and white fabric. A wood beam mantle on which artwork or large pottery vases could be displayed was the embodiment of the natural colors and materials of southwestern design.

Wicker or willow furniture works very well with a rustic motif both indoors and outside. It can be simple or sophisticated, but always looks comfortable when deep, soft seat cushions are added. For color, use bold desert tones to contrast with off-white walls that look so good with wood floors and brick or tile accents.