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From wood floors to elegant dinner parties, the movies inspire homeowners

July 03, 2013

Those who design Hollywood movie sets are often trying to duplicate real-life homes. The architecture, the furnishings and wood floors similar to Anderson's Lone Star collection may figure into making a movie home seem lived-in and realistic.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, movie and television homes have the ability to make people picture their dream home design. These images may take people beyond their everyday lives into a place of extravagance and sophistication. Either way, home decorators looking for inspiration can model the choices for their own interior designs on what they've seen on the big screen.

Homes on film
In her book, "Design on Film: A Century Of Hollywood Art Direction," Nashville interior designer Cathy Whitlock shows how Hollywood has influenced home and garden styles through the years.

Whether they are based on the ultra sophisticated sets for the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals of the 1930's or something more contemporary, like the trend-setting Hamptons summer home in the romantic comedy "Something's Gotta Give," Whitlock's premise is that movie production design may be the inspiration homeowners need to bring a touch of Hollywood into their homes.

Using desert-inspired hues and hickory hardwood flooring, for instance, conjures the landscape of a favorite Western complete with rustic or country-style furnishings. Rich jewel colors from a dramatic scene in a film may lead homeowners to try the same hues on a table setting to add elegance to their next dinner party.

Inspiring TV scenes
While many homeowners don't have the sprawling backyard of their favorite TV family, they can try to create a reasonable facsimile. Taking a cue from a television series or favorite film can stir up some interesting choices for both interiors and outdoor spaces.

One set for the TV family drama "Parenthood" captures that appeal in a unique way. Patio dining takes place at a long wooden table with a mismatched collection of chairs and benches. The trees are hung with strings of white lights as all-year lighting in the small-screen version of a California backyard.

If people want the same effect in their own outdoor areas, recommends draping lanterns or holiday lighting around the patio for an enchanting look that can be enjoyed late into the evening. Or, votive candles can be placed in glass jars filled with an inch or two of sand, then set down to line the periphery of the patio.