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Like hardwood floors, classic color choices stand the test of time

July 02, 2013

Hardwood FloorsJust as beautiful hickory hardwood flooring in Anderson's Chestnut Hill collection fits both traditional and contemporary decor, certain color combinations like black and white stand the test of time as other trends come and go.

When they're looking for colors in home design that will stay in style, homeowners can take their cue from professional decorators. They often have favorite combinations that pop up in their work all the time, from monochromatic pairings filled with texture and patterns to rich hues that convey a certain atmosphere.

Tried-and-true blue
Americans aren't alone in choosing blue as their favorite color. Worldwide, about 40 percent of people say the color of the ocean is their top choice, reports AOL Lifestyle. From navy blue to turquoise, it's no wonder that homeowners often embrace blue for their room designs.

Both contemporary and traditional design schemes easily incorporate the many shades of blue. From country-style wicker furniture to metallic finishes, there's a tone of this perennial favorite that will go with virtually any style of home furnishings.

For a bold accessory hue, homeowners can throw in a few splashes of orange, which is blue's complement on the color wheel. Blue also lends itself naturally to a beach theme, with accents of  yellow and sandy brown.

Ebony and ivory
Black and white may be the most classic combo of all. It goes with virtually any accent color, and by itself, it has a dramatic, elegant effect. Paired with the right style of furnishings, a black-and-white design plan creates a memorable impression.

HGTV featured one such design for a lengthy front porch on a colonial home. In addition to black shutters and a period wrought iron lantern for lighting, the white home and porch railings were offset by black rocking chairs and a white porch swing with black and white decorative pillows. 

Power of One
Dark colors aren't for everyone, but those who have their doubts may change their minds when they see a dark monochromatic color scheme. Light, single-hue designs give a bright and airy look to a room, but darker hues often have a touch of sophistication.

Homeowners who aren't ready to take the dark color plunge can still achieve the elegance of a monochromatic color scheme in any color of their choice. Different shades of white and off-white are another timeless combination that goes well with any style of furnishings.