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Take a cue from beautiful floors and make changes that give rooms a new look

June 14, 2013

Some decorating elements, such as lighting, accent colors and beautiful hardwood floors, can create a whole new look for a room that's in need of a re-do. Anderson's Hermosa Plank collection, for instance, lends itself to any number of makeovers, because its pastel-like palette fits a wide range of home design styles.

Start with color
Starting with the color scheme, homeowners can try an accent hue they've used sparingly, but would lend itself beautifully as the main shade in a new design plan. That color will now become the "anchor" surrounded by a selection of neutrals that will allow it to dominate.

Philadelphia interior designer Donna Hoffman suggests clearing away furniture so homeowners can see the new palette clearly, in the same way a new space is defined when a mound of clutter is moved aside.

"This includes removing area rugs, throw pillows, accessories - anything that sings too loudly in the old color palette," she advises.

Vary lighting
According to This Old House Magazine, a variety of lighting can be implemented to cast a soft glow or bright illumination depending on the needs of the space and the atmosphere one wants to create.

One interesting tip from the magazine is to hang a stained glass panel in a window that will reflect indoor light in a profusion of color.

When it comes to candles, they should be set at varying heights. The colors of candles can also be coordinated with the colors used in a room design, although a neutral color - light or dark - often works best.

Windows are a natural focal point if homeowners play them up as an architectural feature. Adding indoor shutters, a valance or customized drapes are all ways to play up the attention paid to a design element that's too often overlooked.

Make changes seasonally
Although Hoffman is a big proponent of choosing solid colors for large pieces of furniture, she recommends that homeowners look to soft furnishings as the place to introduce a variety of accent hues. They're also the pieces that lend themselves best to using different patterns, prints and textures.

Changing accent pieces, from pillows to curtains, can be done seasonally for a quick shift in a room's decor. It's not only an affordable way to introduce a new look, but it takes very little effort. Using reversible fabrics makes it still easier.