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New condo owners have decorating decisions from floor to ceiling

June 14, 2013

Maple Hardwood FloorMoving into one's first home may not feel too much different from apartment living when the move is to a condominium complex. But condo owners have to make the same decorating decisions as any homeowner, from choosing hardwood floors - such as Anderson's Brevard collection - to accessorizing with personal treasures collected over the years.

The first step in deciding how the new home should look is to make space. The moving boxes are likely filled with household goods, files and miscellaneous belongings that have built up from one rental move to another. Now is the time to declutter from past residences so the new condo will look larger and cleaner than its predecessors.

First things first
One of the most inexpensive decorating moves that can make a big impact is choosing a paint color that expresses the apartment dweller's personality, whether it be a bold hue, a sunny pastel shade or a contemporary neutral such as steel gray. Complex colors, which usually require several words to describe them, are the most interesting hues to work into a design scheme.

The kind of window treatments chosen for a condominium should complement the home design that's planned, but they also have to take into consideration the height of the ceiling and whether to match window coverings from room to room.

They also need to be practical in terms of how the space will be used. For instance, soft sheer shades are a good choice wherever media and computers are used because they can cut the glare on viewing screens. Custom drapery offers the greatest ability to personalize a look with a wide range of fabrics, textures, patterns and colors to offset the room design.

Letting personality show
To create a true sense of home means showing one's personal taste in the selection of art work, colors and furniture. All of these things tell visitors about the interests of those who live here and allow new condo owners to feel like they've arrived home, rather than to another rental property, every time they step through their front door.

Making small decorating changes seasonally keeps a new home's style from becoming predictable and boring. A switch in accent colors for soft furnishings - reversible fabrics are a good investment for this purpose - can rejuvenate a condo's appearance overnight.