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Childrens room design should reflect their interests and personality

May 03, 2013

Some things are needed to make children's rooms into places where they will want to spend time beyond dressing in the morning and sleeping at night. Hardwood floorsThese can include youngsters' favorite colors, a soft area rug over durable hardwood flooring such as Anderson Floors' classic Sugar House collection and comfortable furniture on which they can relax and play.

Show personality
To design a space that appeals to a child's sense of whimsy, recommends painting old furniture in different colors as the child grows and their room decor changes.

Lampshades can be painted in a matching hue, with stickers or decals in the theme chosen for the room. Soft furnishings, including bed linens, canopies and decorative pillows, can be made in reversible fabrics that can be switched over periodically.

Nothing is more inspiring than the wall art chosen for a youngster's room design. It can create a focal point, reflect their special interests and show their personality in a way that few other decorating techniques can.

Encourage children's input
Parents should look to their children's interests when searching for a decorative border or artwork to display. There are plenty of decals available in favorite children's characters, from princesses to dinosaurs. But if a child has an interest that doesn't fall into those general categories, stencils can be used to design one-of-a-kind decor.

If the children are old enough, they may be able to contribute the artwork themselves. Inexpensive poster board provides a blank canvas for youngsters to paint their favorite characters.

A comic strip is a ready-made border if it is enlarged at a copy shop, then cut into individual boxes to create a pattern on the wall of a youngster's room. It can be backed with a background color or applied directly to walls. Again, young children can help pick out the comics and older children can work on the project.

Design that grows
Choose a decorating scheme that can be easily replaced when children outgrow it. Or pick a theme that can mature with your children as they get older, according to

For instance, children's magazines provide plenty of nature and animal photos, often in vibrant colors. Allow children to pick their favorites and help them create a theme-based collage.

As with comic strips, photos can be laminated for a more professional look. Apply with wallpaper paste, and a personalized wall design has been created.