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Welcoming in the spring with nature inspired hardwood floors

May 01, 2013

Now that spring is officially here, it's about time for Mother Nature to catch up with the calendar and warm things up. Sun is shining, buds are blooming and you're getting ready to do some cleaning.Anderson Hardwood Floors While you're at it, why not renovate for the new season? Anderson Floors has some great suggestions, starting with the Coastal Art collection, part of Anderson's Virginia Vintage line.

Brighten your home with new flooring
Look toward the summer sun with the brightly hued and crisp boards of Anderson's Coastal Art collection. These hardwood floors are inspired by the unique atmosphere of the seashore, with distinctive colors and textures that evoke both water, sand and ships. Taking cues from old-fashioned boardwalks, these wide planks are sure to satisfy your desire to bring a bit of the outdoors in this spring - and will hold you over 'til beach season arrives!

Get florally inspired
When we think of spring, we think of beds and bouquets of blooming flowers, and while you'll want to bring plenty of fresh cut bunches in from your own garden, don't neglect to have these bountiful and colorful springtime symbols inform your wallpaper or furnishings. Everything from floral prints to flower-hued color schemes are sure to bring a space to life. For instance, consider repainting and decorating a room using a palette borrowed from one of the season's most popular flowers, like daffodils, tulips, peonies or lily of the valley.

Open your windows
Sometimes, what a home needs most is just a little fresh air. Open your windows wide and led a cross breeze clean out your home in ways a broom and vacuum can't. This is also the season that you'll want to draw back the curtains for. Make sure you enjoy the slow blossoming that's going on all around you, since each week the view is sure to be greener and more colorful than the last.

Craft a seasonal centerpiece
Whether you use it for the coffee or dinner table, a centerpiece is a great, crafty project for springtime. Pick from a variety of colorful flowers and weave these together into art! It'll be a great feature to show off at your next cocktail or dinner party. Looking for a few floral suggestions for your centerpiece? Try anemones and ferns, or lilacs and ranunculus.