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What is the future of kitchen room design

April 03, 2013

Will the kitchens of the future still feature Anderson hardwood floors, like the Chestnut Hill or Eagle Lodge collection? Of course.

Ever stroll through your kitchen and wonder at how it's different than those of sixty or seventy years ago?Hardwood Floors Surely, they didn't have your food processor or that fancy dishwasher. But the kettle on your stove is unchanged, and even the range itself isn't all that different, if more economical and cleaner. And how about the kitchens of the future? Will they still feature Anderson hardwood floors, like the Chestnut Hill or Eagle Lodge collection?

Join us in a little crystal ball peering as we try to untangle what the future holds for homeowners across the world when it comes to major changes in and around their kitchens.

Of course, hardwood floors continue to reign supreme
You should have no concerns about Anderson Floors' great products and their availability in the decades to come. Anderson hasn't been at the top of the hardwood flooring game for over half a century by lagging behind the curve after all. In fact, expect to see a growing number of Brevard collection floors. Like any conscientious company, Anderson is an advocate and practitioner of sustainability, and the Brevard collection is a perfect example of that. Crafted from real maple, these boards are combined with enCoreā„¢, an environmentally-friendly and solid center that uses 50 percent less timber to produce. What makes Brevard flooring twice as sustainable, however, is its longevity. Thanks to a Luster LockĀ® Ultra finish, these planks are six times more resistant to scuffing and abrasion, meaning that the beautiful patinas of wood grain will last long into the future. Brevard is truly the eco-friendly, sophisticated, luxurious and durable floor kitchens will need in coming years.

Efficiency and going green
Much like flooring, expect most all appliances in the near future to go green. Whether this means they run on sunlight alone or just a minimum of electricity, you'll see everything from waterless dishwashers to solar-powered dryers become ubiquitous!

Everything's connected
Apartment Therapy posed the question of how the homes of the next decade will look and feel, and the home design experts came to the conclusion that we can expect a whole lot of advanced and interconnected technology. Giant touch displays, voice control, easy-transfer, device-to-device networking and object identification by camera are all already technologically accomplished, the source says, but most companies - like Microsoft - are just waiting for the costs to drop and some natural refinements to work out the kinks.