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The 5 best accessories for your hardwood floors

March 27, 2013

While its antique texture and dramatic colors will surely complement your home, what can you use to accessorize hardwood flooring itself?

In any home, the very best accessory you can choose for your rooms is hardwood flooring.Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Floors Anderson Floors has been in the business of designing and crafting hardwood floors for over 50 years, and is continuing to do so by introducing innovative new products onto the market. Take the Bastille collection, recently added to Anderson's Virginia Vintage line. The boards in this series carry all the revolutionary artistic and cultural character of the French Renaissance itself. Each board showcases intricate and time worn style, with worm holes and carefully crafted distressed detailing. These boards belong in your home just as much as they would in a Parisian boutique or 19th century French salon. So, while the antique texture and dramatic colors will surely complement your home - what can you use to accessorize this hardwood flooring?

Have no fear, Anderson has the answer.

1. Rug
We understand why you'd be loathe to cover up any part of your stylish new floors, but there's little that brings out the best in quality flooring more than the right rug. Whether you go for zany patterns, traditional Persian or a handmade artisan design, you'll find that a rug does more than keep your feet warm, it holds the whole room together - including the flooring.

2. Runner
For those portions of the house where you just can't fit a full-sized rug, the runner is a key tool. Long, thin and versatile, layer your hallways and foyers with these premium floor coverings.

3. Wainscoting
Once upon a time, wainscoting offered homeowners a convenient way to cover up water stains from old-fashioned plumbing. But nowadays, wainscoting is a beautiful and striking addition to any home. It's old-fashioned character is perfectly suited to any kind of abode looking for some vintage flare. And painted or unpainted, the wood of well-done wainscoting can do a lot to highlight quality flooring.

4. Furniture
This one goes without saying! Your bookcase, dresser, couch and kitchen table are doing a whole lot more than just providing you with the ease and convenience we expect from our furnishings. They're the set dressings that bring the stage to life.

5. Ceiling touches
Mirroring your floor is the ceiling, so it's understandable that what you do up there will make or break your floor below. Be original and stylish with your ceiling, steering away from anything too plain. Consider how moldings, a little light-hued paint or other characteristics could bring your rooms to life.