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Refresh your home decor with some Easter flair this spring

March 27, 2013

Why not take this fresh, new season as an opportunity to revive your home design with beautiful hardwood floors?

Easter is much more than just a holiday - it's the portal from the drab sleet and snow of winter to the sunny springtime.hand-scraped hardwood floors While March comes in like a lion, by its end, the world is as mellow as a lamb. And Easter decor has found the perfect way to celebrate the bright pastel bouquets of colors that crop up everywhere during April and May. Why not take this fresh, new season as an opportunity to revive your home design? Anderson Floors recommends you start from the ground up with their Dellamano collection.

Installing the right hardwood flooring
Anderson has a variety of great flooring collections to choose from, and while the bright and sunny weather might steer you toward a light hue of hardwood floor, Dellamano's rich maple colors are actually ideal for springtime as well as the rest of the year. The hand​-scraped textures give the beautiful boards a quality of age and character you won't find elsewhere, and paired with the right pastel hues, these planks are sure to come vibrantly to life.

Filling your home with flowers
Apple blossoms, azaleas, primrose, sweet pea, zinnias, lilacs, white jasmine, geraniums, gardenias and - of course - crocuses, are only a few of the many springtime flowers that are going to be poking their heads above the dirt this season. Don't miss out on growing your garden in time for summer, but also feel free to bring plenty of these beautiful flowers indoors and make them part of your Easter decor. 

Finding the right background color
With all the floral decorations and the dozens upon dozens of eggs (mostly not real and non-perishable, luckily!) that tend to decorate every surface, it's easy to see how springtime can lead to a too-busy collection of colors and patterns across the home. Avoid this fate by finding the ideal background color for your home's rush of springtime character. Chances are, it's somewhere between cream and off white - the sort of neutral and not-too-bright hue that brings out the best in all the surrounding pastels. But you may want to experiment with baby blues as well.

Using Easter-themed decor
Eggs, jelly beans, rabbits - there are a variety of iconic Easter staples. When you go to decorate your home for the holiday, be certain not to oversaturate. A bunny is certainly an excellent symbol of spring, but too many rabbits are sure to overdue the message. Find your favorite figurines and lawn ornaments and stick to one or two. Let your burgeoning flower pots and patches do the talking.