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Four steps to turning your home eco-friendly, starting with hardwood floors

March 17, 2013

If you're looking to turn your home green this year, one of the best places you can start is from the ground up with one of Anderson Hardwood Floors sustainable collections.

The most popular color around right now is green. But going eco-friendly is more than just a fad, and it's certainly more than an aesthetic choice.Hand scraped hardwood floors It's imperative that we treat the earth and its elements with the kind of respect Mother Nature deserves. So if you're looking to turn your home green this year, one of the best places you can start is from the ground up with one of Anderson Floors' sustainable collections. Then follow up that revolutionary design choice with a few more!

1. Get sustainable hardwood flooring
From the Brevard collection to Chestnut Hill or Hickory Forge, those in need of premium hardwood flooring will find that Anderson's variety is all exemplary in its economical use of hardwood that's as sustainable as the floors are durable and elegant. Anderson has long been devoted to sustainability, and proudly wears a host of third-party certifications from some of America's most eminent environmental groups.

2. Get radiant heat
Make the wise, eco-friendly choice with an Anderson collection like Eagle Lodge and you'll be all set to install radiant heat right underneath your brand new engineered hardwood floors. Radiant heat is an excellent way to keep your home warm, and at a minimum of electrical usage. You'll notice the difference in your utilities, and Mother Nature will appreciate it as well!

3. Choose green appliances
Radiant heat is hardly the only energy-efficient choice you can make around the house. Everything from dishwashers to air conditioning to televisions has an efficiency rating thanks to the government's Energy Star Certification program. Check in with these efficiency experts to help gauge a product's green quotient before you hit the checkout. These won't only reduce electrical waste either - dishwashers, faucets and shower heads can all be purchased to dramatically lower your water waste as well.

4. Recycle
You know that age-old saying about common sense not being all that common? That's the deal with recycling as well. In theory, it's not difficult to toss a can or bottle into your recycling instead of the trash, but nonetheless, most folks don't. Encourage good recycling habits with your whole family, and start by including bins in every room in the house where you'd normally keep a trash can. Watch as recyclables (especially paper) pile up where there were none before.