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Four home design improvements - including hardwood flooring

February 25, 2013

We're always looking for excuses to do things that already need doing. How often do you head to the grocery store for "just a sec" to pick up some small ingredient, only to spend the next hour on a full-scale shopping excursion, because you needed to anyway? Hardwood flooring, hardwood floors, engineered hardwood flooringWhile flooring in the vein of Anderson Floor's Mountain collection is certainly reason enough to throw a huge party at your home, you might want to include a few other home design improvements, just in case you need more impetus! Consider these two permanent and two temporary home improvements that'll turn your next soiree into the event of the year.

1. Choose hardwood floors
When it comes to premium hardwood flooring, you want to go with hand-crafted or don't make the leap at all. Anderson Floors has been in the business for over half a century, so they've got hardwood flooring down to a science - but a cultivated, personal and artistic one. Consider the brilliant boards of the Mountain collection in hickory, oak or maple. Each showcases the wood's natural beauty and patina of complex grain patterns in boards that lose none of their signature durability for being hand-scraped and constructed.

2. Clear a dance floor
Maybe it's been a decade or two since you really threw a dance party (since college, perhaps?), but that's no reason not to give your home a chance to show off those new floors. Push back the furniture and give everyone the space to waltz and headbang all they want.

3. Install surround sound
Naturally, dancing's tough to do without music. Why not make the leap on setting your home up with some premier speaker systems? Installing surround sound is a great idea, especially if you can find discreet and clever spots to sneak the speakers.

4. Test out a makeshift home bar
Parties certainly don't require a home bar - you can do all the mixing and pouring in the kitchen, after all. But if you're considering installing a home bar somewhere in your abode, test out the space by setting up your bartender with the dining room sideboard to work with. This makeshift situation is an ideal way to test out different corners of different rooms and how the bar might affect traffic flow or layout. That way, for the next party, you'll know just where to begin construction!