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Mastering the room design of a part-time home office

February 15, 2013

Hardwood Flooring, Oak Hardwood Floors, Wood Flooring

Do you work from home most weeks? Even for the part-time telecommuter, having a home office can be key to productivity. Nonetheless, not every apartment or house - even the most stylish and elegant - has enough space to devote an entire room to being a home office. For that reason, your home office might find itself sharing space with your media room, living room, bedroom or even kitchen! Wherever you set up camp, make sure you've got the necessary features.

Find the right flooring
When it comes to crafting the perfect space, you might be surprised at how essential the right flooring is. Anderson Floors has been in the business of hardwood floors for over half a century, and the expert designers and craftsman at this company know exactly what it takes to make an inspiring and stylish home office. Consider the Haversham collection of engineered oak boards. Filled with warmth and artistry, this inspired collection doesn't only have the versatility to match any decor style, it offers a spectrum of creativity you don't often see in hardwood flooring. Hand-scraped, sophisticated and with a gorgeous patina of wood grain, you've never seen flooring like this.

Limit distractions
Wherever you setup your part time home office, you'll want to limit distractions. That means if you're in the media room, face away from the TV. If you happen to set up in the kitchen, try to hollow out a corner where you won't be tempted to constantly visit and revisit the fridge out of boredom. Make the most of your space!

Design to inspire
Use your location to your advantage, too! Taking the example of the kitchen, try and foster a coffee shop vibe in there if that's helpful to your productivity. In the living room, adorn the walls with your favorite paintings, photos and prints.

A comfy chair
It's easy to assume that the most important part of a home office is the desk or the computer that sits on it. But really, it's going to be your desk chair. Even if you're getting up for a walk around the room every so often, you want to invest in a chair that's comfortable enough to keep you seated for hours each day while alert enough to not fall asleep!