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Four ways to elevate your pantry's room design

February 15, 2013

For some folks, a pantry hardly qualifies as a room. And it's true that if your pantry takes up more of a traditional closet's space rather than that of a walk-in, you're probably not too concerned with the nuance of its design - but with a sizeable pantry, there are plenty of important storage and style questions to address! What's your pantry's vibe, its functionality, its character? Consider how these four qualities might elevate your pantry's room design and make it more than just a space for food storage.

Hardwood Floors, Hardwood Flooring

1. Hardwood floors
What you want for your pantry's flooring is a look that matches your kitchen's - and both of them are going to shine with hardwood floors. Durable, gorgeous, classic, there's nothing that hardwood flooring doesn't bring to the table. Anderson Floors has been designing hardwood kitchen flooring for over half a century and the engineers and craftsmen behind the company have their process down to an art. Consider the Hickory Forge collection - each engineered plank is handmade one after the other, meaning that no two are alike. Best of all, Hickory Forge flooring is a value that opens up a new market for handcrafting hardwood flooring, so you don't need to break the bank for style or quality.

2. Vintage shelving
Shelving isn't often something you think of as "vintage," and for the most part any pantry is going to be focused on efficiency rather than aesthetics, but there's a lot of awesome shelving options out there. Why not take some weathered boards and have them installed as wall shelving, or seek out old bookcases you can refurbish - use them to house cookbooks or a variety of spices! There are endless options, especially if you head to estate sales and flea markets.

3. Variety in storage
Once you've got the shelving with character, why not seek out the same in your storage? Instead of traditional plastic spice containers, why not invest in some stylish glass jars? And rather than store your flour in a plastic bag or bland plastic tub, find some stylish old-school options. Get creative with your labeling as well! And consider investing a few baskets, as well.

4. Color, texture, style
Too many pantries stick to a bland, white color scheme. What you want is something that echoes your kitchen but has a life of its own. Whatever your kitchen's theme - rustic, modern, shabby chic - institute that in your pantry as well, with a few modifications and variations.