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Three fun and unexpected kitchen renovations

January 27, 2013

Do you sometimes walk into your kitchen and feel that it's missing something? Something you can't exactly put your finger on? For all their functional necessity, kitchens are still rooms that benefit from expert design and a nice aesthetic. But figuring out what's missing in a kitchen can be a difficult task - especially because it's usually some unexpected renovation. Think your space needs a little boost of style and panache? Consider these suggestions, each of which is sure the complement the functionality and efficiency of the space just as much as it improves the interior design.

1. Hardwood floors
Hardwood floors are a must for most kitchens. Easy to clean, gorgeous to look at and extremely durable, there's very little this flooring option doesn't offer homeowners in search of a more gorgeous kitchen. Anderson Floors has all the answers to your kitchen flooring questions with their Dellamano line. Meaning "of the hand" in Italian, Dellamano lives up to its European heritage. One of Anderson's most distinctive collections, each extra-wide plank is hand-scraped, hand-sanded and hand-crafted for an elegant, durable and unique appearance you won't find anywhere else. Square edges and beveled sides help to create the striking illusion that boards run for the length of the kitchen itself. Invest in flooring you can trust. These boards are just like the delicious meals made in your kitchen - "of the hand."

2. Cookbook shelving
Is your kitchen half-buried under the weight of your cookbook collection? Even if your library of recipes is relatively modest, building them into the kitchen design can be a great idea. It keeps you organized while allowing you to show off your favorite volumes. Tap into those DIY sensibilities and tackle this project during a weekend, or have custom shelving built into your kitchen cabinets.

3. Skylights
It's a well known fact that kitchens need light - and lots of it! When you're working on projects as detail oriented as measuring and chopping ingredients, having all your senses and faculties at top-notch is a must. But while under counter lighting and some quality bulbs are helpful, nothing compares to natural light, which is why skylights might be exactly what your kitchen needs. Not only will these aid in day-to-day tasks, they'll brighten up the room and make it cheerier, allowing you to show off your new shelving and floors!