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Craft a cozy library with hardwood floors this winter

January 26, 2013

With the wintery weather reaching its month-long crescendo in January, you're probably looking for plenty of indoor activities to enjoy. Why not indulge in that classic escapist fun of reading a good book? After all, there's no better way to exercise your mind and visit far-off locales with memorable characters. Whether you pick up a brand new award-winning biography or pick a few trusty favorite novels off the shelf, you're in for a great time. But what if you could take this perfect wintertime activity one step further by crafting the perfect wintertime room design to match? A cozy library with hardwood floors could be just what you need to organize your book collection and encourage more reading in general! Consider how these tips could lead you to a stylish and comfortable home library.

You don't need a full room
The most important thing to note is that a home library needn't be a full room, much less one of those grand multistory spaces you see in ancestral manors and movies. A corner of a home office or living room can do, given just enough space and some clever room design.

Consider classy hardwood
When it comes to flooring, there's really no better option than hardwood floors. Consider the Haversham collection from Anderson Floors. These engineered oak boards are an inspired sight, full of soft earthy and pastel hues that give this floor the versatility to match a variety of room designs - meaning it can perfectly blend the two halves of a room that's part library and part another space.

Plan your shelving layout
Naturally, shelving is going to be of the utmost importance. Start by deciding whether you'd prefer to do recessed built-in shelving or install bookshelves. Will your shelving be glass-fronted? How will you organize your books? How close to the ceiling will you build?

Get the right furniture
As everyone knows, the only better pairing than a book and a mug of hot tea is a book and a cozy chair. Getting the right furniture for your home library is essential, so put lots of thought (and testing) into finding the right one for you.

Start filling in the books!
Once everything else is set, it's time to bring in the books. While you'll surely want to fill the shelves with your favorite volumes from childhood or college, make room for all the books you've yet to buy or read!