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Give your basement the home gym treatment with hardwood floors

November 26, 2012

Doubtless, like the rest of us, you've put some serious consideration into designing and assembling your own home gym. We all know how important exercise is, not only for staying in shape and looking good - but also for keeping you healthy! But summoning up the desire to drive to the gym is about 10 times more difficult than actually stepping on the treadmill or elliptical - and this is twice as true when the winter weather starts and all you want to do is stay inside. For these reasons, a home gym isn't just a good idea, it's a healthy one. And with a little planning ahead and attention to style, it's sure to be a good-looking workout space! Want some tips to help guide you along in the room design? Consider these options.

Go with hardwood flooring
When it comes to designing your home gym for function and aesthetic, there's no more important element than your flooring. If you're looking for the perfect mix of good looks and durability, you can't beat hardwood, especially when it comes from Anderson Floors. This trusted company's premier Gnarly Plank collection is one of its best sellers, and for good reason. Engineered boards, crafted from oak and with the distressed, authentic quality of classic American homes, are ideal for any space and sure to set your workout area a step above the local gyms.

Blending entertainment with machines
Frankly, most of us would be lost on a treadmill if we didn't have a television. After all, it's not like you've got the gorgeous views and vistas of the great outdoors or your metropolitan neighborhoods to distract you. Entertainment, whether it's an HDTV or a surround sound system hooked up to your stereo, is an essential part of a home gym, but you don't want to let it overtake the space. From an interior design perspective, be sure that your free weights, cardio equipment and other machines are all the focal point and well maintained. Surround sound speakers are perfect for this, as they can fit discreetly in the corners of the room.

Finding the right decor
A home gym is like any other room in the home - it needs a theme and style. Whether you're going for the old school charm of a men's sports club, the rough-and-tumble look of a boxing gym, a quiet yoga studio or a sleek and stylish modern fitness area, finding the right fixtures and decorations is imperative.