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Fashioning your media room with hardwood floors

November 26, 2012

What exactly is a media room?

What exactly is a media room? Like its name should suggestion, it defies classification. Entertainment, intellectual sustenance, a window to the world and at the same time an ideal spot to hang out for a few hours and indulge in serious escapism - a media room is all of these. As far as interior design and decor is concerned however, the media room is a synthesis of technology, peerless furniture and pitch-perfect room design. So grab your HDTV, preferred video game console, the Blu-ray player, 5.1 surround sound speakers and dimmer switch for your lights - the show's about to start!

Need a little help perfecting your media room's look and feel? Consider each of these essential steps.

There's no question - you'll want to go with stylish hardwood flooring for your media room. Sonorous, stylish and durable, hardwood offers your space everything it needs underfoot. If you're seeking a brand name you can trust, look no further than Anderson Floors. Anderson's brilliant assortment of flooring lines are sure to be ideal for your space. Why not try the Chestnut Hill collection? These engineered boards made from hickory evoke the rustic charm of historical American flooring design, but with all the durability and modern functionality you'd expect.

When a room's devoted to activities like watching movies, listening to music or playing XBOX 360, you can imagine that furniture is going to play a pretty significant role! Make sure that you go for a blend of comfort and aesthetic that helps you relax and stay cozy while keeping the room centered on a standout style. Of course, that style is sure to be helped along by your wall decor.

Wall Decor
Everything from wall color to light fixtures and - of course - what you decide to mount or hang on your media room's walls is sure to influence your interior design significantly. Some folks may want to go with a bright and airy wall color that makes the space feel larger and more breathable. Others may want to go for a movie theater atmosphere. Real film buffs will probably want to decorate the walls with their favorite matinee posters! Whatever you do, try and keep your style uniform for a more successful ambiance.

And of course you need the entertainment itself! Be sure to set up your HDTV and various media appliances for maximum efficiency - out of direct sunlight and organized so that they don't take up excess floor space!