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Unique wall options for your child's bedroom

October 15, 2012

Children change quickly. While a summer may seem like years to them, it's a blink of an eye to you, and as they grow, their tastes are sure to change faster than you can keep up with. For this reason, you may want to consider taking certain steps when putting your child's bedroom together. For infants, stenciling the walls with soft, light-hued designs that can easily be painted over without primer can be ideal - they may not want pastel flowers, trains or teddy bears forever.

One change you'll want to make and keep, however, is an investment in hardwood flooring. Versatile and able to age as gracefully as your child, hardwood flooring is the right choice for his or her bedroom. Anderson Floors has been crafting hardwood floors for more than half a century, and has become the premier American company in the trade. Consider installing
Anderson's Chestnut Hill collection of rustic hickory boards into your child's bedroom. With the appeal and quality of historical design, these hand-scraped planks are at once emblematic of a traditional past and bright future - wonderful for any child's bedroom.

Consider some of these accompanying wall designs and features.

Wallpaper is a simple and pleasant choice to go in your child's bedroom - especially if you can find a design or style that will suit his or her taste over the years - but finding that ideal pattern can be tough. Try sticking to seamless designs, like color blocking.

Wall decals
Wallpaper can be messy to remove, so wall decals may be a safer and more efficient way to go - they also come in much more appealing styles. Almost anything you can imagine is available as a wall decal! If your kid loves giraffes, you can style his wall with a big red one. If there's a favorite cultural or familial saying - or perhaps a beloved book quote - you'd love to adorn the nursery with, get lettering decals to splay across the wall. Your options are nearly limitless.

Good old fashioned paint
Of course, there's no reason not to go with a few cans of good, old-fashioned paint, and if your kids are of age, have them help out. You'll be surprised how much an 8 or 9 year old can contribute, even if his or her attention span runs out after a while. Your kids will get a kick out of painting their own rooms a new hue.